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The Ronda 515 Swiss Quartz Movement

The Ronda 515 Swiss Quartz Movement
The Ronda 515 is a Swiss quartz movement produced by Ronda AG, a renowned Swiss manufacturer of watch movements. The Ronda 515 movement is known for its reliability, accuracy, and affordability, making it a popular choice for many watch brands.

Here are some key features and specifications of the Ronda 515 Swiss quartz movement:

1. Type: The Ronda 515 is a three-hand movement, meaning it displays hours, minutes, and seconds.

2. Accuracy: It is a highly accurate movement, typically with a deviation of only a few seconds per month.

3. Battery Life: The movement operates on a silver oxide battery and can last for several years before requiring a replacement.

4. Dimensions: The movement has a diameter of approximately 11 1/2 lignes (25.6 mm) and a thickness of around 2.5 mm.

5. Jewels: The Ronda 515 has one or two jewels, which reduce friction and help with the smooth functioning of the movement.

6. Hacking Feature: The movement has a hacking feature, which means that when you pull out the crown to set the time, the seconds hand stops, allowing for precise time synchronization.

7. Date Function: Some versions of the Ronda 515 movement also include a date function, which displays the date in a dedicated window on the watch dial.

The Ronda 515 movement is commonly used in various watch models, including both affordable and mid-range timepieces. Its reputation for reliability and accuracy has made it a popular choice among watch enthusiasts and manufacturers alike.

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