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  • Bass player
  • Bassy
  • Cartoon character
  • Double bass
  • Founder
  • Ligel lambert
  • Nrf big show 2023
  • Nrf consumer product showcase
  • Trademark
Ligel Lambert - Owner, CEO & Founder of TAL WATCHES
Bassy Founder Ligel Lambert NRF Big Show 2023 NRF Consumer Product Showcase

Ligel Lambert Inspired by the memory of his late mother & his Bassy: Interview with Ligel Lambert Owner, CEO & Founder of TAL WATCHES We sat down with Ligel Lambert...

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Simple Bass or Bassy
Bass Player Bassy cartoon character Double Bass Ligel Lambert Trademark

Simple Bass, also known as Bassy, is an illustration/ cartoon character created in the fall of 2000 by Ligel Lambert, who is an artist, musician, entrepreneur, graphic designer, and educator....

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