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Simple Bass or Bassy

Simple Bass or Bassy

Simple Bass, also known as Bassy, is an illustration/ cartoon character created in the fall of 2000 by Ligel Lambert, who is an artist, musician, entrepreneur, graphic designer, and educator. The longtime mascot and official Trademark of The Art of Ligel, LLC. Bassy is a fictional surrealistic, tall, and lanky image of a man without facial features who typically wears striped pattern long pants, a white belt, large white shoes with black soles, and a black & white long-sleeve shirt. He has an oversized left hand. He has a short torso and long legs. He is always with his Black & White Double Bass which most people mistake for a Cello because he is so tall.

Bassy is traditionally characterized as a cool Bass player who loves Jazz music and enjoys creating cool and clever improvisations in all key signatures.

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